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stage lighting lifting system

  • Long stroke light point of elevator
  • Long stroke light point of elevator
Long stroke light point of elevatorLong stroke light point of elevator

Long stroke light point of elevator

  • Product description: Long stroke light point of elevator
ong stroke light point of elevator

Large lighting truss by GS series of fixed-point electric lifting system synchronization and cable crane of take-up device, mainly for hotel banquet hall, large conference and exhibition

Center, conference center, press center government enterprises and so on, need to improve the lighting equipment, and don't have the installation requirement of theater stage, temporary

Mount the requirement of large lighting truss.

Series of products, in the form of light lifting and load fluctuation lighting truss ground mount and dismantle, jack use and height adjustment. Department of

Column smallpox product is suitable for indoor space is high and the installation of the space under the condition of intensive, main used for lighting truss hoisting, large engineering projection screen of secondary lifting, professional speakers and speaker array of hoisting, the hoisting of large emblem, etc.

Series of products have a variety of load specifications and schedule specifications, can fully meet the AV equipment and parts of lighting equipment requirements. A variety of functions inspired by professional design and installation, including installation is convenient, easy to operate and cooperate with smallpox decoration, in constant pursuit of a beautiful space environment as a whole unity.

Product features:

Low ground mount bracket and lighting equipment, avoid higher efficiency low complete smallpox decoration accessories, can satisfy the demands of smallpox beautiful degree of the whole

Provide synchronized lifting light cable, lighting equipment safety and reliability of the operation of the elevator cable connection is simple and loss of electric braking ability, sling bigger safety margin

Equipment can be more low monomer units, meet all kinds of crane load and power transmission low monomer with precise synchronization standards, many units running synchronization feature is excellent

Low lift running close to the mute state, allows the use of the height of lamp lights low tension of the line in cable equipment for independent lifting and induction synchronization lifting two modes

Small size, low equipment and implementation under the complex disorder installation in small space control has good compatibility, low system meet the RS485 control, remote control, manual

Good best intelligence

Good hundred intelligent main: electric pylon projector/light lifting system (and project construction)/LCD lift (paperless office system)/display/sanbed curtain, etc., to provide a complete set of solutions, direct manufacturers, professional technical team, price concessions, welcome to consult

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